Imagine walking up to a piece at sunrise and realizing that it’s not swaying in the air, that it is actually moving. And the reason it’s moving is because others are making it. Instead of standing back and just observing, or looking with judgement, you are drawn to step up and take a turn. Try your hand. Challenge your inner fear of inclusion and exclusion to be part of the art. That is why I am making a hand reaching from the dust.

 Our intention, with this piece, is to create art that requires participation to be complete, that thrives on communication, and the willingness to allow yourself to become part of something fun and interactive. In today’s day and age it seems that people are developing an apprehension to be self motivated.  Stop standing on the sidelines and get in there.

You’ll never know unless you try, yeah it’s scary the first time, but change never comes without a challenge. The sculpture only becomes art with your participation, and the results of these interactions are unpredictable and cannot happen without everyone’s radical self inclusion.

You have nothing to be afraid of except living a life wishing you hadn’t been too scared.


About the Artist



Dan Mountain grew up in the small town of Westwood, in northern New Jersey, a suburb of New York City. He attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and studied Film with a concentration in Traditional Animation. After a few gigs in New York City, he decided to travel across the country via RV with a close group of friends and artists, with the final destination being the Black Rock Desert in 2009. That did not go as planned. However, most of them made it and since then Dan has lived in the Bay area working as a bartender, carpenter, animator, designer, and now as a sculptor. He has been involved with big builds on playa since 2015. This will be his first project as the lead artist.